Melissa Tilghman

Melissa Tilghman

Mellisa is a sex expert and an advisor of BDSM. She can give you suggestions in this sex segment which will drive you and your partner crazy about trying out exciting sex play activities with the help of different sex toys. Her main intention is to make you discover a cloud of new sensual possibilities.

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Homemade Prostate Massager
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DIY Prostate Massager Guide
Internal prostate massage has, with time, become a common practice. For some reason, most people do not have the courage to walk into a store and buy a real massager. ...
20 October 2020
What Does A Footjob Feel Like
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What Does a Footjob Feel Like and How to Do It Properly
The list of fetishes is long and a foot fetish is included there. It is also a common practice like a blowjob only you have got to use your feet ...
25 August 2020
How To Ask For A Spanking
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How To Ask For A Spanking
Spanking children is quickly becoming a taboo in many homes, with the action met with a rebellion of equal measure. On the flip side, spanking among adults is no longer ...
03 August 2020
Homemade Nipple Suction
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A Guide To Homemade Nipple Section
If we are completely honest, solo sessions and toy-enhanced couple sessions have come to stay. Along with this new era came different expensive adult toys, and this led to the ...
27 July 2020
How To Have A Hands Free Orgasm
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How Can You Have A Hands Free Orgasm?
Let’s be honest. Not everyone knows how to have a hands free orgasm. Actually, a lot of people can only imagine an orgasm, whether hands-on or hands-free. But that should ...
22 July 2020
Sub Drop
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Detecting A Sub Drop And Dealing With It Effectively
Often couples engage in an extreme form of sex that involves several pain-inducing experiences which are not meant for torture, but on the contrary for pleasure. This is called BDSM. ...
13 July 2020
Bachelorette gift ideas
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The best bachelorette gifts
Bridal showers and wedding gifts are a bit more practical but bachelorette gifts do not have to be that serious. The practical gifts at weddings and bridal showers are for ...
20 March 2020
How Safe Are Condoms
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Safety and defence in different types of condoms. Choose your type
Male condoms are believed to be one of the safest and most effective birth control methods. They are 98% effective at avoiding pregnancy if used the right way. But if ...
27 February 2020
How To Use a Small Vibrator
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Top Advice on Using a Bullet Vibrator for All Who Likes It Hot
Have you heard that size doesn’t matter? Well, it might, but it doesn’t mean that the bigger is always better. Small vibrators are a perfect example of this famous statement. ...
19 February 2020
Types of Condoms
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Types of Condoms You Like and Those You’ve Never Heard About
In the modern world, using condoms equals safety and avoiding unwanted consequences. That is why people feel obligated to use them. But what’s fun in it? Let us tell you ...
19 February 2020
Anal Beads Vs Butt Plugs Whats Different
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Anal Beads & Butt Plugs: Which Toy Works Best for You?
When one wants to try something different in sex, adult toys are definitely a great way to start. Still, it’s not always clear where exactly one should get started because ...
17 February 2020
History of Vibrators
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History of Vibrators — So, this is where it all began!
The history of vibrators is the beginning of our investigation. The first vibrator story will set the tone of the present article. So, what are we waiting for? Let us ...
12 October 2019
How to Use a Penis Pump
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How to Use a Penis Pump: Advice in 2019
How do you make your penis bigger? If you want a product to make it bigger, that is probably the reason why you are reading this post. All you need ...
03 October 2019
How to Use a Dildo
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Our Not So Secret Guide about Dildos and More
You probably would have already heard the word “dildo” several times, definitely know what it is, and might even own one already. But how do you use it? For those ...
30 September 2019
Interesting sex positions
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New Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner
Who doesn’t love sex? Sex is fun, romantic, pleasurable and of, course great for physical and mental health. There come times when you get bored with your bedroom antics. Introducing ...
25 September 2019
Sex Bucket List Ideas
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35 Sex Bucket List Ideas For Couples
Sex is essential for many reasons. Recently, we might have come across many studies that suggest is good for maintaining sound health. It can strengthen a relationship bond firmly. However, ...
13 September 2019
Dildo vs. Vibrator
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Dildo vs. Vibrator Which One To Buy
Are you fond of sex toys? Then, you should be aware of what dildos and vibrators are! Both are fantastic sex toys specifically designed to offer you sexual pleasure. Dildos ...
02 September 2019
bondage ideas for couples
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Bondage Sex Positions to Spice up Your Sexual Life
Bondage is very popular nowadays because more and more people want new sex experience, adding more piquancy to their sexual life. If you one of them, it will probably be ...
11 August 2019
nipple clamp tips
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How to Use Nipple Clamps?
Exciting sex life is everyone’s dream and having a partner who enjoys experimenting with new toys with you could not be better. Boob pincers are currently one of the best ...
27 July 2019
how to train anal
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Anal Training 101: Learn All About How to Get New Kind of Pleasure
Many do not think about what is anal training and it is completely wrong. Anal training like any other takes time, effort and knowledge. Proper preparation for such sex is ...
18 July 2019
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  • Magic Wand Reviews
    • A Detailed Report on Magic Wand Sex Toy
    • Rating:

    • Have you ever looked at a sex toy and instantly knew that it is gonna feel awesome? If no, you probably did not come across the Magic Wand series that Hitachi has to offer. Magic wand reviews are inexplicably positive. People have loved the features it comes with and probably because there is a range of three products for you to choose from. However, ...
  • We Vibe Rave
    • We Vibe Rave Review: The Key to Long Distance Intimacy
    • Rating:

    • Do you have a long-distance relationship? And you would give your partner anything to provide you with some love while away? Well, Wevibe Rave promises to deliver this. The Rave sex toy can connect to an app that lets your partner simulate your orgasm alongside other features. Read and know everything and get answers to all questions.
  • Sex Toys For Seniors
    • A Guide to Spice Up Your Sex Life With Best Toys for Seniors
    • Rating:

    • Life is too short to get bored with sex. With advancing age we expect seniors to lose interest in sexual activity but on the contrary, many believe that being sexually active improves the quality of life. Sex toys are not a new phenomenon but how often do you come across an article that talks about the best sex toys for seniors? How ...
  • Best Vibrator For Squirting
    • Best Vibrators To Achieve Squirting
    • Rating:

    • We are here to tell you that the best vibrator for squirting is available on the market. Do not worry, we do not make this claim baseless but have enough evidence to prove the existence of female ejaculation. In several adult films, we see the woman ejaculating considerable amounts of liquid while orgasming but in real life, it is hard to come ...
  • Pregnant Sex Toys
    • Sex Toys You Can Use While Pregnant
    • Rating:

    • Sex toys are being embraced more and more by society every day. The stigma previously attached to it is slowly degenerating, and powerful women are normalizing a healthy, self-sufficient intimate life. Although the best pregnant sexual aid has already graced the market, women are concerned about the safety of using sexual aid in pregnancy. However, using certain sex toys while pregnant is safe and ...
  • Unicorn Butt Plug
    • Best Unicorn Butt Plugs Available On The Market
    • Rating:

    • Tail plugs are basically butt stoppers with some material attached to the end to make it look like an animal. They are mostly used by BDSM couples in sexual pet play or for regular, naughty anal play. If you and your couple are interested in a little BDSM or want to spice up your sex life a bit, a unicorn butt plug is ...
  • best warming lube
    • 5 Best Warming Lubes Review
    • Rating:

    • Which sexual sensation excites you the most? Hot and fiery? Or, cold and chilly? If you like it hot, then you need to read this! With the best warming lube, you can reach the highest sexual climax with warm sensation stimulants. There are several products that sexual partners use to spice up their play. One of the most effective products is warming lubes. But ...
  • We-Vibe Wish
    • We Vibe Wish: Your Orgasm Ticket
    • Rating:

    • It is not wishful thinking to have a sex toy, travel-size vibrator, that you can use either solo or with your partner. What comes to mind right away is We Vibe Wish. For starters, this toy is the strongest, rumbles powerfully, and delivers maximum satisfaction. And that is a guarantee you can take to the bank. We all know that feeling of loneliness ...
  • Vibease Review
    • Vibease Review: The Real Deal or Hype?
    • Rating:

    • If you live in the same house with your partner or see each other often, you have no business reading this Vibease Review. It is ideal for partners living far apart and looking for a way to bridge the distance. This article takes you through the ultimate Vibease review in 2020. Buckle up now; it is bound to be a thrilling read.
  • Lelo Mia 2
    • Lelo Mia 2: A Guide On Bullet Vibrator
    • Rating:

    • If you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of large and noisy vibrators that you cannot use in public, then you have come to the correct place. We will tell you everything, from Lelo Mia 2 reviews to its key features, in this article.
  • Lush Vibrator Review
    • Lush Vibrator: The Ultimate Guide To Pleasure Beyond Limits
    • Rating:

    • Traditional vibrators are okay but this Lush 2 vibrator allows to you enjoy the titillation and a squirming orgasm anywhere and with anyone. Use it to pleasure yourself or let your partner control your moans and pleasure points. It is so sexy to be in someone’s control sometimes, isn’t it? Or fulfill your dream of orgasming in a public ...
  • Lelo Elise 2
    • Lelo Elise 2 - Find Your Pleasure
    • Rating:

    • Human nature insists on focusing on objects of pleasure. Sex and masturbation have been taboo for a long time. However, women of the 21st Century believe in equality and orgasms. They are well informed about all the sex toys and gadgets like Lelo Elise 2 available on the market and know how to use them. They are not scared of society and have bent ...
  • Lelo Ina 2
    • LELO Ina 2 Vibrator: A Comprehensive Guide
    • Rating:

    • Women, since ages, have been craving the full satisfaction of a climax. It is a well-known fact that only few women orgasm while having sex, the majority of them miss out on the experience. Lelo ina 2 vibrators bring you the ultimate experience of the fantasy you have harbored. The 21st century has been a landmark in women empowerment, and women depend less ...
  • Best LELO Vibrator
    • Finding The Best LELO Vibrators On The Market
    • Rating:

    • When you find the best LELO vibrator, it enhances your entire masturbation experience. Try to think of a session as a go-to or self-care relaxation strategy that can easily leave you content and flushed. However, if you have ever scrolled through an online sex toy store or walked into a shop, you have seen that the options available are massive, making it difficult to ...
  • Most Powerful Vibrator
    • The Most Powerful Vibrator For Insane Sexual Stimulation
    • Rating:

    • If you insanely need sexual stimulation from a sex toy or you want to upgrade to the most powerful vibrator, then you are in the right place. In this detailed review, we're going to tell you in detail; what is the most powerful vibrator and how to use a vibrator. Besides, we will focus on which products and brands you should pay attention ...
  • Best Butterfly Vibrator
    • Best Butterfly Vibrators For Spicing Up Your Sex Life
    • Rating:

    • Want a new amazing experience? Or desire to spice up sex life with your partner? Whatever your goals are, you’ll fall in love with the best butterfly vibrator! Lots of happy users support our point. What is a butterfly vibrator? It is an unbeatable sex toy for girls that boasts perfect feminine details and a beautiful appearance. This toy is a classy option good ...
  • Lesbian Vibrator
    • Finding the Best Lesbian Vibrators for your pleasure
    • Rating:

    • Because there are lots of lesbian vibrators for you. Whether you are a lesbian, bisexual or a straight woman who wants to spice up your sex life with the right toy your clits yearns for. From oral sex simulators to double dildos to non-penetrative toys to non-penis-shaped vibrators, you can search for the best sex toys that would suit you and we ...
  • Best Bondage Restraint
    • Finding The Best Bondage Restraints In 2020
    • Rating:

    • Are you intrigued by BDSM or you've realized that the idea of bondage and submission turns you on? Are you looking to delve into BDSM but you can't seem to know what restraint to start with? You don't have to sweat it; bondage is an entirely intimate way of experiencing and giving sexual pleasure, and it should be enjoyed by both you and your ...
  • Erection Pills
    • Best Erection Pills That Will Make You As Hard As A Rock
    • Rating:

    • You meet a girl. After some time, you guys decide to go to bed and you’re ready for action. Unfortunately, your best friend doesn’t seem to be as ready as you are. Have you ever faced this problem? It’s very common for older men to have erection issues and, fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Erection pills can go a long way in ...
  • Non Latex Condoms
    • Best hypoallergenic extra thin condoms without latex
    • Rating:

    • Whether you are a man or a woman, allergic reactions to latex condoms don’t mean that you cannot get it on. You simply need to get the right condom that suits both you and your partner. There are a variety of non latex condoms that provide pleasure and safety to anyone prone to reaction. And besides avoiding allergies, non-latex options also offer other benefits. ...
  • Sex Pillow
    • The list of the best sex pillows for your multiple pleasure
    • Rating:

    • The most common advice for deeper penetration is “elevate the hips”. It is possible to achieve this with the usual pillows but why should you settle? Even if you are having the best sex life, there is no way you can turn down some additional assistance. This is exactly what the best sex pillows do. A well-designed sex pillow will make a great difference ...
  • Chastity Cage
    • Top 2020 Chastity Cage Models: Features to Take Into Account
    • Rating:

    • A contemporary chastity cage has nothing to do with its predecessors from the past. Today, such a device brings no discomfort. It is primarily used not to deprive oneself of sexual pleasures, but to multiply them when the cage is off. Lots of manufacturers have struggled to provide you with a product that ensures no pain and almost medical care of the most sensitive ...
  • Small Vibrator
    • Quality Reviews and Shopping Tips for the Best Small Vibrator
    • Rating:

    • Searching for a vibrator but are tired of seeing oversized dildos whenever you look? Well, you’re not the only one — plenty of people have the same problem. In fact, it’s surprising why so many present-day vibrators are too much — because quite a lot of ordinary people are looking for something relatively small. Below, we’ve reviewed several top-rated small vibrator models. No matter ...
  • App Controlled Sex Toys
    • Choosing The Best App Controlled Sex Toys 2020: How-To’s
    • Rating:

    • Your phone not responding is annoying enough, but imagine if this glitch happens when you have sex? Or, to be more precise, when you have sex with a sex controlled toy — and the toy is not working as it should be. While this problem is not as commonplace as some people think, the issue does occur. And, when you’re using an app-controlled sex ...
  • Womanizer
    • Pick The Best Womanizer For Your Pleasure: Start With Our Reviews
    • Rating:

    • It’s not always easy to explain to men how important clitoris stimulation is. And, even if you can explain this, it still does not mean that the results you get will be satisfactory. Besides, who says you always need a man when having sex? When it comes to clitoris stimulation, a womanizer is your best friend. Then again, the variety of models ...
  • Best Thrusting Vibrator
    • Finding the Best Thrusting Vibrator in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Are you a woman looking to spice up sex life? Do you want more satisfaction, not just physical intimacy? Or, are you a man who wants to make sure that your woman has maximum pleasure? In any relationship, physical intimacy is essential, but if a woman is left dissatisfied, it can harm a relationship. Some single women don't want the hassle of an ...
  • Best Sex Swing
    • 8 Best Sex Swing to pep up your sex life
    • Rating:

    • It is easy to spruce up your sex life with an adult sex swing. If you feel that you are game for some swinging fun, let yourself on the most exclusive list of the best sex swings 2020. Sex therapists around the world are of the unanimous opinion that relationships, where the sex takes a backseat, suffer irreversibly. To pep things up, partners ...
  • Best Vibrating Dildo
    • Finding the Best Vibrator Dildo in 2020
    • Rating:

    • As much as we’d like to admit that dildos are enough, sometimes we just need a little bit of extra stimulation through vibrations. There are a lot of different sex toys out there, but they’re not always made to be the most satisfactory. They often are made from lackluster materials and can sometimes give out before anything even happens. What is the best ...
  • Best Condoms for Anal
    • Best Condom for Anal Sex in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Currently, people have started seeking anal pleasure through sex while being intimate with their partner. There are issues with lubrication, quality, and also safety. We spent time researching what critical concerns associated with anal sex to pick and what the most protective product is. This article on the best condoms for anal sex can be a complete guide for all your questions. A straightforward idea here ...
  • Best Lesbian Sex Toy
    • Finding The Best Lesbian Sex Toy In 2020: Spend Less, Get More
    • Rating:

    • Are you a lesbian, and you feel you haven't had so much luck with sex toys over the past couple of years? Then you need this article. Here, we are looking for the best lesbian sex toys ever made by putting together a list and discussing their outstanding attributes and designs. It doesn't matter at all if you are going solo or ...
  • Best Bullet Vibrator
    • Explore Top-Rated Bullet Vibrators in 2020
    • Rating:

    • In 2020, the market for ladies’ pleasure toys is booming. With so many new types of sex toys coming out left and right, it’s almost a sin not to try at least one or two of them. In this article, we explore the market searching for the best bullet vibrator out there! Bullet sex toys can drive anybody crazy. Before we start delving ...
  • Best Prostate Massager
    • Top 10 Prostate Massagers to Buy in 2020: Pick Your Best Prostate Dildo
    • Rating:

    • When it comes to the best prostate massagers, it makes no difference, who you are - old or young, gay or straight, black or white. You may enjoy it if you have a prostate (sorry ladies). Prostate massagers may be the brilliant option for single guys, bored by "vanilla" practices, as well as for couples who looking for the ways to spice ...
  • Best Clitoral Vibrator
    • Best Clitoral Vibrator 2020 for Passionate Lovers
    • Rating:

    • Who says you need a man to have a good time? It's 2020, and the market for sex toys is bigger and much more crowded than ever. If you want a sweet release after a stressful day, then you don't need Tinder. You need the best clit vibrator you could get your hands on. That's why we created ...
  • Best G Spot Vibrator
    • Best G Spot Vibrator 2020: The Ultimate G-Spot Sensations
    • Rating:

    • Wanting to spice up your sex life? Craving for G spot stimulation for satisfying pleasure? You could have these things. You’re having fun with your sex life right now. But you want to add more excitement and experience new sex adventures. With best G Spot vibrator, you’ll venture to a new realm of pleasure you haven’t been before. We’re here ...
  • Best Rabbit Vibrator
    • Best Rabbit Vibrator 2020: Here’s What You Need to Know
    • Rating:

    • We believe all women will agree that you should not sacrifice clitoral stimulation when getting g-spot stimulation. Well, you might need to use two vibrators for that. Thankfully, that is all in the past as rabbit vibrators are now available. Most women though are not familiar with this beautiful toy, so we created this guide. We provide some good-to-know ...
  • Best Water Based Lube
    • Finding the Best Water Based Lube in 2020
    • Rating:

    • Traditionally, people believe that only natural ways of sexual activity are safe and sound for health and happiness. So, many do not even dare to think of other forms of enjoying sex. It is somewhat accepted that safety is important to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and maintain overall health for an extended period. However, if exploration is no harm, then we can go ahead to discovering ...
  • Best Remote-Control Vibrator
    • Finding the Best Remote-Controlled Vibrator in 2020
    • Rating:

    • When it comes to finding ultimate pleasure, there’s no effort too great or expense too big, and it's quite hard to blow your socks off without sex toys. So when you'll get the best remote control vibrators in your hands (and between your legs), it'll be your perfect way to get blast off. Just imagine being able to feel every action your partner ...
  • good lubricant for females
    • Read A Full Review Of Best Lubricant For Women On The Market
    • Rating:

    • Think about using only the best lubricant for women that really helps in stimulating your lady parts. That every time you want to do it with your significant other or alone, you get excited just thinking about it. If only they all contain the safest ingredients, and you do not have to worry about what is going on down ...
  • good anal dildo
    • Find The Best Anal Dildos On Market In 2020
    • Rating:

    • Picture having the best anal dildo that completes your experience. That each time you set eyes on your “little friend,” all sexual thoughts enter your mind. When they say it was so good, you think about it constantly. That is achievable by having a dildo you love. If there was a dildo that does not disappoint anyone ...
  • best water based lubricant for anal
    • Best Water Based Anal Lube
    • Rating:

    • Looking for the most condom safe item in the market? If your answer is "yes", then that sounds like you need a water-based product. Look no further. We’ve tested and ranked all the best water-based products in the market for you. If you’re worried about your sex toys’ longevity and your condom effectivity, then water-based items ...
  • what are the best vibrating panties
    • Finding the Best Vibrator Panties for a Brand New and Exciting Pleasure Experience
    • Rating:

    • Imagine you could have a sensation with just your undergarments. Pretty enticing, right? If you could enjoy them even in public places. This would surely kill boredom you're feeling. With such vibrating panties, it wouldn’t be this way anymore. You would experience new sensations and have some thrilling experiences, explore the realm of pleasure even when in an open place. This post ...
  • best rope for sex
    • Finding the Best Bondage Rope for Passionate Couples
    • Rating:

    • Are you in search of a good twine that can wonderfully bind your partner’s body to stimulate your sexual desire? Or, do you require an apt cord that can make your pair submissive while playing sex? Then, rope bondage is the right solution for you. Roped bondage represents the most potent element for BDSM or shibari sex art where one partner tries ...
  • best kinky sex toys
    • Finding the Best Bdsm Toys for Sexy Couples
    • Rating:

    • Are you in search of something new that could pep up and balance your love life? Or, do you like to gift a special pack for your partner that can turn your normal day to an erotic one? Then, the best BDSM toys are the right solution for you. Bondage playthings include a set of sex-related gear or accessories that could potentially enrich your ...
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